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The mission of Ross County Community Action is to work within the local community to reduce poverty and revitalize families and individuals who are income eligible. Our agency will help clients by empowering them with the resources that are available to them. We will do everything we can to help educate those we serve, be respectful of their needs and help instill a sense of pride and accomplishment within them. We make a difference in their lives by advocating for them and providing programs and services for all residents of Ross County.

"Champions of the Community"

One Night Without A HomeOne Night Without A Home


Ross County Community Action will be sponsoring a homelessness awareness and fundraising event entitled “One Night Without A Home” at 4:30pm on Friday November 22nd in Yoctangee park. The event will consist of two parts. The first half will be an educational event which will include a number of speakers, comments from a number of Ross County residents who are either currently homeless or were homeless and are now housed and¬†the viewing of a documentary on homelessness. The second half of the event will involve everyone showing their solidarity with the homeless population of Ross County by staying the night in the park with nothing more than what they bring with them. People will be discouraged from bringing tents as the event is meant to simulate what it is to be homeless in the middle of November. The next morning, everyone will gather together once again and will then be dismissed. Two small “soup kitchen” style meals will be served for anyone who attends the event. Any donations collected will be evenly distributed to the Ross County homeless shelters. (Donations can be brought to the event or dropped off at Community Action before or after the event. Donations can include money as well as household goods/dishes, furniture, clothing etc.).

If you have any questions, feel free to contact John Huffman at 740-702-7222 ext. 105.

We look forward to seeing you in the park on NOVEMBER 22ND!